Bill Baggett

All of North Carolina
77 Central Ave Suite G Asheville, NC 28801

Get to know your Loan Officer

Over the last 8 years of working with ASMC, one thing that has always been consistent is the entire team from the top down is 100% dedicated to our customers and referral partners. We close on time, fund on time and deliver the most competitive rates and costs. The company is big enough to make investments in technology and staffing to keep us on the cutting edge but not so big that we don’t all know and care about our customers. We are always striving to be the best together
an astronaut, a fireman, a professional baseball player and a business man (all at the same time).
I always recommend that they hike on either the Appalachian Trail or the Art Loeb Trail. Both have absolutely stunning views and wildlife no matter what season
I love to get out and hike, mountain bike, fish, trail run and work on projects at my farm

If I was stranded on a deserted island, I'd take...

fried chicken
Grateful Dead
I would leave the TV at home because I just got a lifetime supply during the recent Pandemic
my wife Barbara
she is my favorite person in the world to spend endless amounts of time and she knows how to grow and cook any kind of fruit or vegetable to supplement my fried chicken-heavy diet.