At American Security Mortgage, it's all about the people

When we first decided to create American Security Mortgage, we made a commitment to make it about our people, not about the company.

As trite as that may sound, it’s truly been our mission statement since 1999. When we hire the right people who are a fit in this company, we know we’re in a win-win situation of EASE.

Our Loan Officers Create Wins

Our loan officers are respected and relied upon by our referral partners – we are a proven, go-to partner in each and every mortgage transaction. Our people create EASE for Realtors, builders, attorneys and a vast number of individuals, couples and families because they have ingenuity, integrity and industry intelligence to create successful transactions time and time again.

We Create Wins for Our Loan Officers

While our officers are helping people define their “American dream,” we’re creating EASE for you so that you can do your job faster and with confidence:

  • We make things happen quickly with the fastest decision line in the business so that you can make things happen quickly for your valued client.
  • We lifted the veil on transparency in pricing. Now you have the advantage to go out confidently to your clients and trusted partners, knowing that you can compete every single day.
  • The company takes a very small marginal profit on each loan so that you’re able to offer a significantly competitive difference.
  • We offer the latest in state-of-the-art technology but we don’t overburden your net profit with frivolous softwares and apps that you’re required to pay for. We let YOU decide how you want to run your business and which platforms and softwares suit you best.
  • Families and teams love it here. We have an incredibly low turnover rate. In fact, nearly 40% of our company is made up of family members as many loan officers will eventually bring in spouses, children, even aunts and uncles to work under the American Security Mortgage banner. (Dogs work in the business, too, as you’ll see them roaming in our offices.)
  • We don’t want to be a giant across the entire country, but we are continuing to expand in the markets we specialize in. We look forward to you exploring your future with us!