What it's like working with American Security Mortgage Corp

Kristen Pegg, CRRA, NAR, MCAR

Realtor/Broker, Cottingham Chalk North Carolina

“I know my clients will make it successfully across the finish line.”

“When assembling an A team for clients, Erin at American Security Mortgage is always first pick when it comes to partnering with an incredible lender.

“She is diligent, responsive, personable, and never fails to get the job done. From late night responses to always wrapping up her part of the transaction ahead of closing, you will feel fully supported from start to finish with Erin on your team.

“With countless years of experience and an incredible team behind her that she has built, I always know that my clients will make it successfully across the finish line and close with a smile on their face. I am a better Realtor because of partnering with such an amazing local lender at American Security Mortgage.”

Kelli Embler

Loan Officer, Charlotte

“My first interview with American Security was my last – I knew these were my people.”

“I came into American Security Mortgage as a brand new loan officer after 20 years as an executive in the non-profit sector. Even though my husband was a builder, I didn’t see myself in this industry until I took my first mortgage lending class and absolutely loved it.

“When it was time for me to start interviewing mortgage companies, I wasn’t necessarily looking for the money but the right culture. I had a great friend at American Security Mortgage and, when I went in for my interview, I was surprised that they were more interested in me as a person than what I could bring to the table for them.

“That first interview with American Security was my last interview – I knew these were my people. I was taken in as family from my very first day.

“I know it’s an extremely emotional experience when you’re in the middle of purchasing a home. So, as I began to take on new clients as a rookie, my only goal was to do everything I could to not leave my clients hanging, to get them to trust me. I like taking care of people. And all along the way, everyone here at American Security – in the office and in our hard-working operations division – has never left me hanging, either. They always take care of me with so much speed and grace. This really is a special place.”

Scott Hardy

Branch Manager and Team Leader​

“This is the most UNcorporate corporate environment I’ve experienced.”

“In 2012, I was the owner of my own mortgage company when I decided to make the move to American Security Mortgage. Everyone in my office came with me.

Initially, I was amazed at the fact that their pricing was outstanding, almost too good to be true. When I met with the founders and senior management of American Security Mortgage, they were honest, transparent people. It was refreshing to see this as the bedrock at American Security.

“You’re never asked to buy into unneeded bells and whistles, and they don’t hover over you to see if you’re doing your job. They have significant respect for their people; they trust us.

“I tell people that we’re the northern branch of a southern company, but even though our Charlotte headquarters is many miles from our D.C. metro market, I know that when I need something, they do it for me quickly and efficiently. It’s the most UNcorporate corporate environment I’ve experienced.”