Corey Bauer

President – Sales and Production

Because of a long-standing mentorship with ASMC’s CEO Phil Mahoney, Corey joined ASMC in early 2021 from a very successful 19-year career in mortgage banking across the Southeast with one of the top mortgage banks in the country.  Being a part of a “small giant” allows Corey to stay personally connected to all of the team members, customers and clients and was a driving force behind Corey’s change to ASMC. 

Get to know Corey Bauer

Being able to help customers, clients, employees grow, learn and have fun
Time with family, being active and outdoors, up in the mountains

If I was stranded on a deserted island, I'd take...

Fish, Sushi, Seafood of all types
Van Morrison
My wife India
She is the only one that would put up with me on her own, maybe…..