Angie Biddix

Mortgage Loan Officer

Getting to Know Angie

She began working in mortgages in her early 30s and fell in love with the industry.

My “Job”, My Passion:

  • I have always enjoyed working with people and the Mortgage business gave me the chance to become truly invested with families and their financial goals.
  • Helping clients realize their dreams of home ownership has always been a rewarding part of my career.  The ever changing world of mortgages with the seemingly never ending guidelines and documents appeals to my desire to problem solve and think creatively.
  • While calling on new potential referral partners or catching up with established ones helps me utilize my marketing abilities and establishing lifelong relationships.
  • I truly enjoy what I do which makes my “job” , my passion.  If I cannot help a client, I will find someone who can.  After all, my buyers and my builders/realtor referral partners are like family to me!

Angie truly has the knowledge, skills and desire to help with all your mortgage needs

6200 Ramsey St, Suite 275 Fayetteville, NC 28311

Get to know your Loan Officer

I love the culture of employee work ethics, family-oriented, giving excellent customer service with the process of the loan and the wonderful serving people I get to work with that will go out of their way to help!
The weather girl, just the TV part.
It’s hard to pick one so I would say the downtown area with all the local businesses and restaurants.
I love to travel and spend time with my children and grandchildren

If I was stranded on a deserted island, I'd take...

Brothers and Sisters
Bill Biddix, my husband
He is entertaining ( makes me laugh all the time) as well as resourceful . We would have shelter, he would build, would have food, he fishes and hunts, we would have water, he would build something to store the water, the only thing he cannot make is good wine! Lol