Valerie Campana

Loan Officer

NMLS: 109920

Licensed in: NC

6200 Ramsey St. Suite 275 Fayetteville, NC 28311

Get to know your Loan Officer

SO much! The open communication available with operations and transparency/strength in our rate pricing is incredible and not found at other places, not even close. Being able to contact Phil, Scott or Bill is also a huge plus and again, a rarity in this business. Our girls in Fayetteville, Renee and Amanda, make ALL the difference in the world. I know with Renee processing the file, nothing falls through the cracks as she hones in on any potential issues early in the game and has saved many a deal like that. With Amanda as set up, same thing, she sees what I have missed and ensures the file that gets turned in makes sense, works and is ready to move to the next milestone. That thoroughness and commitment to excellence gives me the confidence to go out and get the new business/referral partners while providing a certainty to my current partners that they don’t get with other LO’s. The communication is absolutely above and beyond and is largely what keeps me sane in this crazy business.
An Archaeologist / writer / journalist
Make my garden flourish, blend natural ingredients to make healing lotions/oils/balms, attend drum circles/outside music festivals/ CHILLAX!!! Most importantly, spend as much time as possible with my children and grandchildren, friends and extended family.

If I was stranded on a deserted island, I'd take...

seeds, dried herbs, water purifier, wine and dark chocolate
Led Zeppelin/Floyd/Rush/Yes/BB King/Etta James/Enya
Stranger Things or American Gods (I’d probably ditch the binge series and bring books/sketch pad though)
all my ‘people’
gotta have my kids, their people and those babies because- I just can’t imagine a world without all of them and would probably drink all the wine, eat all the chocolate then dance into the moonlit ocean and be a sharks dinner