Scott Wallace

Loan Origination

NMLS: 116544

Licensed in: FL, GA, NC, SC, VA

111 Cleburne St. Suite 110 Fort Mill, SC 29715

Get to know your Loan Officer

The personal approach and care our company gives to each client, helping them discover the very best possible lending option even if that option isn’t ultimately with us. Treating each with care and understanding that although we do this countless times a day most of our clients do not. Realizing the “mortgage process machine” can be overwhelming and downright scary for some, we cultivate an environment validating those concerns and educating the client along the way. This Empower’s them to be fully engaged in the process, providing a sense of security and confidence in themselves and in our company
Professional foodtball player and rock star
Church, we all need it regardless of the town

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ribeye steak
Steve Curtis Chapman
my wife Bonnie
nothing is worth a dang wthout her by my side